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Privacy Policy

At Jawsense, we are committed to protecting your privacy and being transparent about our data practices. We value your trust and promise never to sell your data to third parties. Here's how we handle your information:

  • Personal Information: We collect your name, email, and IP address when you visit our site, sign up for our email list, or participate in any transactions on our site. This data helps us provide and improve our services, offer customer support, and send service-related notices or promotional messages. If we're required to by law, we will comply with legal processes.

  • App-Based Personal Information: If you use our smartphone app, you may choose to provide additional personal information such as your age and gender. We use this data to personalize your experience and enhance our services. This information is collected and stored securely and is subject to the same privacy standards as all our collected data.

  • Recorded Biometric Data: If you use our wearable biofeedback device, it will collect and stores your biometric data to provide personalized services and enhance your user experience. We handle this sensitive data with extra care and security. You may opt in to let us use your data for analysis about trends in jaw-related health in our user population.

  • User Analytics: We use digital tools and cookies to collect data about your interaction with our site and remember your preferences. This non-personal information helps us improve our site's functionality and your user experience.

  • Payment Information: We collect your payment details when you transact on our site. We use this information only for processing your transactions and adhere to PCI-DSS standards for secure handling of your credit card information.

  • Cookies: We use cookies to analyze user behavior and remember user preferences. Cookies are small data files stored on your device. If you wish, you can disable cookies in your browser settings, but it may affect your user experience.

  • Communication: We may contact you for account management, resolving disputes, collecting fees, gathering feedback, or sending updates about Jawsense. If you no longer wish us to process your data, please email us at

  • Storage & Security: Our website and app are hosted on Your data is stored securely on's servers behind a firewall.

Your trust is paramount to us. We are committed to ensuring the security and privacy of your personal and biometric data. For any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.

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