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Real-time Monitoring

Our devices includes advanced EMG sensors to constantly track your jaw muscle activity. Working in real time, they give you valuable insights into muscle tension related to non-functional jaw actions. Our smart algorithms tell the difference between normal and problem behaviors, giving you a complete picture of your jaw health.

Your Body, Your Data

Knowledge is power when it comes to wellness. Our biofeedback devices come with an easy-to-use mobile app that lets you monitor your jaw muscle activity and key physical signals over time. The app helps you understand your body's behaviors and make smart choices about your lifestyle.

Active & Passive Training

With our headband, you can benefit from passive biofeedback to unlearn bad habits. Our mobile app takes it one step further, giving you real-time visual feedback to help you learn how to relax your jaw muscles and take control.

Personalized Biofeedback

Our biofeedback philosophy is all about customization. Our device uses gentle vibrations to promote relaxation when it detects increased jaw muscle activity. This personalized response ensures the vibrations are helpful but never intrusive, and you can change the settings anytime to suit your preferences.

Comfort & Convenience

We make sure our devices are as comfortable as they are high-tech. With a lightweight, adjustable headband, our devices fit all head sizes comfortably. We use soft, breathable, and sweat-wicking materials, ensuring your comfort as you work towards better jaw health.

At the Heart of Our Products

Every JawSense product embodies our commitment to using biofeedback for personalized, effective jaw relaxation. Discover the standout features that make our products unique, and see how they can transform your approach to jaw management and relaxation.

Tailored Solutions 

JawSense knows everyone's journey to wellness is unique. That's why we've created a variety of biofeedback programs to suit your specific needs, from general jaw relaxation to targeted relief for bruxism. Take a look at our solutions below and find the one that's right for you. Can't find what you need? We're all ears!

Jaw Relaxation

Looking to relieve jaw tension and get rid of bad habits? Our biofeedback headband is here for you. Fitted with top-notch EMG sensors, it gives you instant feedback about your jaw muscle activity to help you relax.

Ideal for: People wanting to improve overall jaw health, reduce tension, and become more mindful of jaw behaviors. 

Bruxism and TMD Solutions

For those struggling with medical issues like bruxism and TMD, we're using our biofeedback technology to make a difference. We aim to create effective tools to tackle these problems and provide much-needed relief.

Ideal for: People diagnosed with bruxism or TMD seeking new, creative ways to manage their conditions.

Night Sky with Stars

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