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JawSense Biofeedback Solutions

Relax Your Jaws

If you're dealing with bruxism, I've got just the thing for you! Check out this innovative patch designed to be placed on your head. It's crafted to help relax your muscles, reducing the grinding and clenching that happens during sleep.

At Home

Bruxism and TMD

Bruxism and TMD significantly impair quality of life, akin to chronic conditions like diabetes and depression. Current treatments are
inadequate, highlighting a substantial need for effective solutions.

Silent Epidemic

More than 30% of adults suffer from bruxism, and 5% endure chronic TMD. These disorders related to the jaw joint often go undiagnosed and untreated, highlighting a critical gap in the healthcare system.

Ineffective Treatments

Existing treatments such as splints and Botox provide inconsistent relief. There is no
licensed treatment available, meaning no therapies are  incorporated into clinical

Limiting Technology

Scientific research supports biofeedback therapy, yet no effective market solutions
have been developed due to technological limitations. This presents a significant
opportunity for innovation.

"TMD reduces quality of life by 32% –an impact similar to diabetes and depression"– Durham et al. (2016)

Meet JawSense

JawSense leverages patented technology to address bruxism and TMD with an unparalleled biofeedback solution. We’re aiming to become the first licensed treatment for these conditions.

How It Works

A revolutionary smart biofeedback device to unlearn bruxism behaviour. Reduce bruxism episodes by 80% within 2 weeks with 3 easy steps.

1. Monitor

Wear the device and go to sleep.

2. Retrain

Biofeedback pulses prevent bruxism episodes and retrain the jaw muscles.

3. Repeat

Unlearn the bruxism habit and allow the TMJ to heal naturally.

4. Track

Track progress in the mobile
app and share results with
healthcare providers.


Bruxism Detection

AI/ML algorithms trained on >1TB of data perform the early detection of bruxism episodes.

Gentle Biofeedback

Soft vibrations and electrical pulses (TENS) prevent bruxism episodes
and retrain the muscles.

Personalised Therapy

Biofeedback settings optimised with AI/ML tailored to the user’s
sleep and preferences.

Integrated App

Comprehensive data on bruxism, sleep, and treatment effects in the
mobile app.

 Effective Treatment

Fast and long-term relief by unlearning excessive masticatory

Home Use

A low-risk and non- invasive treatment that can be used without
clinical assistance.


Ergonomic design with optimised feedback intensities to prevent sleep disturbances.


Informed treatment decisions and improved patient engagement
with detailed analytics.



The JawSense Ecosystem

Holistic Approach

The JawSense app offers additional functions to manage bruxism and TMD:​

Data and analytics to inform treatment and lifestyle decisions;​

Tools to enable self-management

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