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You retain complete control and can adjust the biofeedback settings at any time according to your preferences, such as enabling/disabling feedback during the night or limiting the maximum intensity.

Master Your Jaws

Through active biofeedback training, the app guides you on a path towards achieving proper relaxation and releasing tension in your jaw muscles.


Engage in prompts and exercises meticulously designed to foster healthy jaw habits and attain a state of mindful relaxation.

Daily Summary

Stay informed about your tension levels, sleep quality, and stress response with a concise daily summary in the app.

Use this information to adapt your relaxation techniques, modify your sleep routine, or continue your current practices if all your scores are in the optimal range!

Delve into the relationships between your jaw behaviors and other elements that contribute to your well-being.

Discover Patterns and Trends

Track changes in your jaw activity over time to identify patterns and trends.


These insights can provide valuable information about your stress levels, sleep quality, and triggers for jaw tension.

The app delivers comprehensive visualizations and data on your muscle tension, sleep patterns, and stress levels, assisting you in cultivating mindfulness of your jaw behaviors and their impact on your overall well-being.

Understand Your Jaws

Achieve a thorough understanding of your jaw muscle activity through real-time monitoring and analysis.

Personalized for You

Upon completing a quick and easy onboarding process, an initial biofeedback training program is suggested to you.


Our sophisticated algorithms continuously learn and adjust your settings in the background to optimize your experience.

The App Experience

Embark on your journey towards enhanced jaw relaxation and overall well-being with our intuitive and user-friendly app. The JawSense app is designed to provide you with insightful data, personalized training programs, and a comprehensive understanding of your jaw muscle activity.

Become Part of Our Biofeedback Revolution

Ready to relax your jaws with personalized biofeedback training and smart data-driven algorithms? 

Join the JawSense community and secure your spot for the beta test.


Note: For optimal results, the app is designed to work in conjunction with the JawSense biofeedback headband. Please note that the personal headband is not a medical device.

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